Middleton 230A is equipped with 21 computers.

To book Middleton 230A, choose a date in the calendar to view availability for a particular day. Room availability for the selected day will display on the right.

Click on a block to book the room. The terms and conditions for classroom use will appear. After clicking the Continue button, a form will appear.

Check that you are requesting the correct date and time. Fill out the required information and submit the booking request.

The classroom's availability is in accordance with University scheduled class periods.Tables listing scheduled class periods are available here (see appropriate semester booklet): https://sites01.lsu.edu/wp/registraroffice/academics/schedule-booklet/ 

The classroom is unavailable on the weekends and during times when the University is closed for holidays. The University holiday schedule is available here: http://www.lsu.edu/administration/policies/pmfiles/pm-05.pdf

For more information, contact Allen LeBlanc, Coordinator for LSU Libraries' Research and Instruction Services

email: aleb118@lsu.edu           phone: 225-578-2738

**Room 230B is no longer available for booking as of May 22, 2017.**